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Below are photos of different venues with a different setup for each. Different speaker systems and lighting set ups are available to address the needs of each room because every venue is different. You can see how Uplighting changes the dynamic of any room and helps create a specific mood and a much better appearance then plain white or grey brick walls. Also monograms create a nice touch by projecting the initials of the bride and groom. This can also be done for a school or company logo. These photos may take some time to load.

Examples of equipment that may be used at your event: Two ElectroVoice (EV) ZLX15P 15" Powered 2-Way Speakers, Electrovoice (EV) ELX118P 18" Powered Subwoofer, Two QSC KW181 Powered 18" Subwoofers, Two JBL EON 15 G2 Powered 15" 2-Way Speakers, B-52 Matrix 2000 Active Speaker System (One 18" Subwoofer, Two 2-Way 12" Tops), B-52 Matrix 1000 Active Speaker System (One 15" Subwoofer, Two 2-Way 10" Tops), Two Peavey SP2-G 2-Way Passive 15" Speakers, Chauvet LFS-5 GOBO Projector Light (For Monograms), 24 Chauvet SlimPar 56 Lights with Obey Controller (Uplighting), Two American DJ Comscan LED fixtures, Two American DJ Quad Scan LED fixtures, Two Chauvet Core Bar fixtures, Two American DJ Scan 250HP Scan Fixtures, Chauvet Colorstrip, Chauvet VUE 6 Effect Fixture, Two American DJ Profile Panel Fixtures, Two American DJ Revo Rave Fixtures, and an American DJ Revo 4.

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